Towne Lake Texas Custom Pool Builder

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Jim Monkemeier is the owner and operator of Creative Lifestyle Pools, headquartered in Cypress, TX. Jim was trained in custom swimming pools and holds a mechanical & industrial engineering degree as well as a master designer of pools. He also has a background in swimming, which together led to a marriage of several disciplines to create a successful business. Jim began working in custom swimming pools 47 years ago and started Creative Lifestyle Pools in 1973.

One of Creative Lifestyle Pool’s goals is to provide their Towne Lake Texas Custom Pool Builder clients with professional, high quality, and affordable services. People often choose Creative Lifestyle Pools for custom swimming pool design and installation, because of their ozone water purification system which results in pool water so clean it is drinkable.

Towne Lake Texas Custom Pool Builder Jim has been a leader in the research and development of ozone for swimming pools and drinking water in the USA, over the past 22 years. Remember to inquire about the benefits of alkaline versus acidic water for the benefit of your health, safety and the longevity of your investment. These treatments also eliminate staining. The result, one of the most innovative and successful Towne Lake Texas Custom Pool Builder in the area!

Circulation occurs once every three hours turnover of pool water every three hours vs typical in others of every three weeks. Effectively filter and ozonate every three hours, so it is highly sanitary. This is the most effective purification on the market and a key preventative against earaches. Chlorine is effective after 20 minutes to get rid of organic matter whereas Ozone does it in 15 seconds.

You can have a swim party every day and ozone with take care of it, no need to be shocked or rebalanced. Ozone is over 3000 times faster to purify water. Unlike chlorine, ozone leaves no harmful chlorinated by-products in the water, ozone quickly reverts back to pure oxygen if unused. Chemical water treatment leaves long-term chemical effects on the environment, some of which are negative. Ozone does not.

Towne Lake Texas Custom Pool Builder

With the advances in the technology used to generate Ozone, Ozone is becoming more affordable to install and cheap to operate. Typically, an Ozone installation will pay for itself over 12 months in chlorine savings.

Towne Lake Texas Custom Pool Builder Some say a salt chlorinator is efficient but remember that over a period of time the salt in the water will damage the concrete and tiling around your pool and also create a toxic bath full of carcinogens. Your body absorbs pool water while swimming, do you really want your body absorbing huge amounts of chlorine and it’s by-products? Most competitive swimmers will refuse to swim or train in a chlorine pool and chlorine has already been banned in many countries because of its negative effects.

  • Our pools have received Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the National Spa and Pool Institute’s annual photo contest.
  • Attention to detail & commitment to our client’s 100% satisfaction has earned us a spotless record for over 45 years.
  • We guarantee you will join our family of satisfied customers.

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Towne Lake Texas Custom Pool Builder